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Important Facts for Language Learners

What is the best English learning website?

The best website is one that works for you! We work hard to make learning English easy and mobile-friendly. 123Bien! offers directions and side-by-side translations to help your reading comprehension.

How can I learn English fast?

You must work to improve everyday. This means practice listening, reading, and speaking. Our basic lessons are designed to help you master the most important vocabulary and move into more advanced grammar at your own pace. To improve your American English quickly you need to set aside more time. We suggest blocks of 15 minutes at least 3 times per day if you are series about improving.

Is this website free?

Our lessons are 100% free and we do not sell expensive programs. We built our course to work on any telephone, even in locations with slow internet.

How can I improve my English speaking?

It takes constant practice to re-wire your brain to properly speak any new language. We hope you use our audio sentence everyday to improve your speaking.